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We Love Our Community!

Have a non-profit? Let Algood Express Wash Know!

At Algood Car Wash, we are committed to not only giving clean, quality washes, but to the community in which we live.  Join our community fundraising program to raise money for your organization. It’s quick, easy and effective. Our program requires no order forms, no pre-payment and there is only one thing to sell: “a clean car”.


• Schools

• Youth Groups

• Athletic Teams (baseball, basketball, cheerleading, dance...)

•Community Projects

• Church and Synagogues

• Non Profit Organizations


• Algood Car Wash will provide you with preloaded $20 gift cards at a 50% discount. You sell the gift cards for full price and keep the profits!


• You buy 50 - $20 Algood Car Wash gift cards at a 50% discount = $500

• You sell 50 cards for $20 = $1,000

• Your organization keeps $500

• We recommend each person receives 5-10 cards to sell.

• The gift card minimum order is 50 cards.

How your organization benefits:

• 50% of the proceeds are retained by your group

• No taking orders

• No time consuming call backs to deliver goods ordered

• Your supporters receive quality service from a locally owned company

• Your supporters receive something of real value and the knowledge they are

   also helping your group

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